St. Arnold's High School  

The motto of our school is


Saint Arnold Janssen, Founder of the Divine Word Society (Societas Verbi Divini), was a priest for the diocese of Munster in Germany. He was a teacher and taught Mathematics and Natural Sciences. He, specially, endeared himself to the prologue of the Gospel of St John Chap I verses 1-18 in the Holy Bible and used to pray and meditate on these verses. He was very much inspired by the 'Word of God' which became a human being full of grace and truth and lived among us in the person of Jesus Christ. He surrendered himself to the Word and called upon men and women of goodwill to place themselves in it's service.

We, the management, staff and students, after the example of our Guru, Saint Arnold Janssen, place ourselves in the service of the Word that it might make its dwelling in our hearts.

The book in the centre of the badge is the Holy Bible, The word of God spoken by Jesus Christ when he lived among men. The cross symbolises our salvation. Christ died on it for our sake. The light symbolises the presence of the Holy Spirit through the Word which enlightens and inspires all men and women of goodwill.